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Evolving Your Business in 2014

A do-it-yourself attitude has already eroded so much of the perceived value of professional interior design services. It is a trend that will be with us for a long time to come. It’s up to you to develop strategies and “evolve your business” to succeed in this challenging environment. Please check out my video below, where I provide the outline of my presentation for doing just that. Then, I invite you to make arrangements to attend one of my seminars. Because if your business doesn’t evolve, it’ll go extinct.

In response to what I see as one of the most transformational trends to affect the interior design industry in the twenty years I’ve been involved with it, I’ve created a brand new speaking presentation entitled, “A New Conversation—Evolving your Business with the DIY Consumer.” If you’ve been keeping up with my recent correspondence and YouTube channel posts, you know what I’m talking about. Now, I’m happy to announce that this 2-hour presentation has been approved by IDCEC for 0.2 CEU value (CEU-102845), to fulfill your continuing education needs.

I’ll be taking this, and my other signature presentations, “Deciding What You Are Worth and Charging It” and my “Master’s Class,” on the road in 2014! I’ve booked a number of speaking engagements already. Please check out this list(http://dmcnyc.com/speaking-engagements/) to see when I’ll be in your area. If you don’t see an opportunity near you, please contact me, so we can schedule a presentation, seminar or private workshop, for your organization or company, soon.

All the best,

Here is one designer’s take away from my presentation.

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DIY and the Changing Face of Today’s Interior Design Consumer

Reaching Interior Design Clients in a DIY Climate –

I’ve been intrigued by the changes in our economy and with our customers. While there is a “recovery” in some respects, there is still an air of “scarcity” as well. People are nervous about their futures and very much want to spend money, and do, but not with a generous spirit behind it (at least not usually).

I think part of the problem stems from the noise created by social media, the deluge of product websites, and the continual bombardment of thoughts and ideas which are intended to promote the expertise of the contributor, but in fact contribute to the DIY (Do It Yourself) mentality. Many people seem to think that because they can find “how to’s” and sources and prices, that they can bypass professional services altogether.

Here are marketing tips you can use immediately to deal with with price-sensitivity when in dialog to attract new clients:

I recently held a Salon in Los Angeles with a few colleagues and friends from the industry to explore this phenomenon and these are some of the ideas we came up with:

  • With respect to the DIY movement, how do you draw your clients into the conversation so that they don’t try to bypass you? It is necessary to find a balance so that you can be part of the process and not make it an either/or situation
  • In order to break away from the DIY movement, create a brand, an aura that escapes commodity (which traditionally has much less profit margin), that still warrants non-discounted pricing
  • Does designer become curator of DIY efforts, just providing feedback and guidance?
  • Ask your clients to consider their legacy, what they want the design and product to convey, how long should it last? If the legacy is not 2 years, then they will need to get something quality which means higher-end sources
  • Big picture ideas sell and that’s what keeps designers in business. They also creates purpose and meaning
  • Find ways to customize work for the new marketplace and be valued and appreciated
  • Do not project that you need the work. Nobody wants to deal with someone who is “hungry” (which is not the same thing as motivated)

If you are interested in exploring any of these ideas further, either 1:1 or in a group, please reach out to me and let’s schedule a time to speak. I can be reached at +1 310 697-7022 or moc.c1519616387yncmd1519616387@dyol1519616387l1519616387

The Secret Behind Great DIY Interior Design

South Beach style meets Hampton chic in a beautiful outdoor living area in Sag Harbor, New York.The term “Do it yourself” has become so common that the acronym is nearly as recognizable as LOL or OMG. It’s DIY. And although people have been applying the DIY philosophy to more and more aspects of their everyday lives, no place has it been more apparent than the industry where it all seems to have started – home improvement.

Home-centric cable channels, the Internet and a slow economy have coalesced in a perfect storm to undermine the design professionals perceived value. Although, ironically, even the biggest do-it-yourselfer relies on professional advice and instruction at some point to accomplish a task, whether it’s reading a book or article.

So why stop there?

Great Do-It-Yourself Design Comes from Great Professional Input

Hiring a design professional doesn’t have to relegate you to sitting on the sideline, if that’s not where you want to be. Working with a designer can be a collaborative experience, one where you are part of the process. The problem is that not all designers work well like that, nor do all clients. The resulting horror stories have driven each party into their respective corners, designers in one and the DIY crowd in the other, taking a lot of innocent people in the middle with them.

As a broker for interior designers, architects and landscape designers, I created iMatchDesigners to serve as a conduit between the client and the talent, because there is so much more to the design process than mechanics of light, color, texture and pattern, and scale and balance, especially from the client’s perspective.

There are the human qualities of personality and temperament that can play just as large a role in the success or failure of a project.

Can you think of a more personal act than inviting someone into your home and entrusting him or her with the responsibility for enhancing your living space? I sometimes joke that it feels like I’m running something akin to a dating service, when I see how close some of my clients and their designers become.

But isn’t that the way it should be?

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