Take Your Best Shot

We live in the age of the instant photo. Thanks to those convenient smart devices we carry with us everywhere we are never more than a swipe-and-click away from capturing whatever image catches our fancy. This has proved to be a boon for interior designers. They don’t need to carry around an extra device to get some quick snaps of a room layout, product of interest, or bit of visual inspiration. Plus, there are dozens of apps that let you take those images, spruce them up and send them to someone else, upload them to a folder, or manipulate them in useful ways.

As any number of interior designer web sites, Facebook pages, or blogs will testify, however, quick and easy does not necessarily mean good. Unless you have some skill as a photographer and are well acquainted with the workings and limitations of your smart device’s camera, you should reserve such photos for your own use and not post them for the world to see. After all, you are in a visual business, so you want to put forward only high quality visuals that reflect well on your talents and your professional eye.

Any time you are documenting your work for use in your portfolio and marketing materials, on your web site or blog, or to submit for publication or competition, you should use a professional photographer experienced in shooting interiors. That also includes “before” pictures if you plan to submit them along with the “after” pictures to a publication. Editors love to get them but often can’t use the “before” pictures because they are of too poor a quality.

Almost all photography these days is digital. Be sure to specify that you want hi-res images that are suitable for printing in a magazine. And be sure you own the rights to the photos or have written permission from the photographer to submit them for publication and use online. You don’t want to have to pay twice for your own photos.

Of course, it’s more trouble and expense to arrange for professional photos than to swipe-and-click. But you’ll find it pays to always look your best.


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