Define, Position, Present: Facing the Pricing Challenge
Tuesday, February 2
1pm ET

In the last year you were most likely challenged by client requests for pricing that is different than you are used to charging. You might be used to charging for time and materials or some sort of mark-up on product and have gotten push-back. I imagine that most people have asked for a fixed-fee on their projects, wanting to know what your fees are “all-in” even though they do not know what they will require from you and will expect you to perform above and beyond your pay grade.

If this is sounding familiar, then I have a solution for you! I will be leading a tele-seminar on Tuesday, February 2, at 1pm ET to address pricing issues for the interior design industry. During this seminar, I will be walking through the standard letter of agreement that I use, which you can download a sample of here, and reflecting on the best ways to:

  • Define your clients’ needs
  • Position your services
  • Present them in an easy to understand and enforceable letter of agreement

Even if you are happy with your current agreement, you will be able to follow-up along and gain valuable tips for negotiating your next agreement and possibly restructuring your current agreement. The price for this seminar is $49 per person with easy registration here:


You will be emailed call-in number and sign-in details after payment is received.

And as always, if you just don’t like negotiating on your behalf, I can do it for you. please give me a call at 212-777-5718 x6 or moc.c1516367218yncmd1516367218@dyol1516367218l1516367218 to discuss. I am also a first line of defense should things get nasty with your clients, before you call an attorney, let me tell you how I have provided my Expert opinion for numerous cases in the industry.