To Get More Designer Business, Hire Design-Knowledgeable Staff

Designers are anticipating increased business over the next six months, and firms have already begun to staff up. Job boards that had few listings only a couple of months ago are teeming with position announcements – and not just for designers. Product and services companies looking to meet growing demand are seeking sales representatives, managers, back office personnel, and other staff. The talent war is heating up.

If your business is recruiting or planning to recruit staff to keep pace with the growing interior design industry, give some thought to going beyond the basic job description. Of course, you want someone with proven experience in the position(s) for which you’re hiring. In addition, look for candidates that not only know the interior design industry, but also have some familiarity with the work designers do and the way their firms operate.

A frequent complaint of designers is that the businesses that want to provide products or services to them “don’t get” what they do. Sales representatives and customer service personnel, they say, don’t understand how they order, what information they need to make a decision, or the constraints they are under to meet project deadlines. Hiring someone who “speaks their language” and understands the challenges they face can give your firm a leg up on the competition.

Why leave that key hire to chance? At Design Management Company we can draw on our vast industry network to help you find the right individual with the right qualifications for the position and business you’re in. Unlike job boards, we provide personalized, full-range recruiting and screening services and refer to you only the most qualified candidates. Contact us and let us show why we’re different and better than the rest.


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