To Grow Your Business, Extend Your Reach

Designers are reporting they’re having their busiest year in ages. Does that include you? If you’re not hearing more from the kinds of clients you want, perhaps it’s time to move to a different fishing hole.

I frequently hear from designers who feel their business is stuck in a rut. They are not attracting new clients and are not feeling inspired or challenged by the ones they have. My advice to them is to move outside their comfort zone and try something new. That may be trying their hand at a different type of design or looking for clients in new places. Some of the most successful designers do not limit themselves to just one area or state. They have clients all around the country or abroad. They are open to new challenges and experiences.

How do you find these clients? Start by letting the people in your network – current and previous clients, colleagues, suppliers and business associates – know that you are actively looking for new opportunities. Update your website and social media pages to tell prospective clients you are willing to travel. Market your services in new areas where the type of client you are looking for is likely to be. Attend local or regional trade shows to learn more about what is happening in the design community and what local designers are already offering prospects in the area.

Clients hire designers because they don’t want the look that everyone else has. You can offer them something different and unique. If you are having difficulty defining who that client may be or how to extend your brand, contact me. I can help you develop a brand message and marketing plan to reach new clients and get your business back on track.



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