To Linked-in or Not to Linked-in, that is the question

I had a very interesting experience lately with a mass e-mail that I sent through Linked-in. I utilized an application that allowed the service to go through my Outlook database and send an invitation to everyone in there (well not quite, as I hit the 3,000 limit) with my personal message:


FORGET social networking–let's make money!!!


Please reach out if you 1) need marketing or business development help, 2) know someone who does or 3) know of a major marketing partner who is keen on the interior design and home furnishings channel.


IN EXCHANGE, I will open my international rolodex (how analogue, eh?) to you!


The responses in general have been very favorable, ranging from people just accepting the invitation, to others doing so and sending me a nice note, to many not responding, and to a client using it as a catalyst to fire me, thinking that I was offering something to others (my rolodex) for free that should be reserved for paying clients. Alas, I fear that this was not the real issue and that expectations were not met or presented as concern that needed to be addressed. I’ve also had people wonder if the message was just to them or if it was mass e-mail.


What I have learned from this process is that in a world of spam, mass media, and what is supposed to be a digital age, the majority of people really want personal attention and to have a human connection! Developing relationships one at a time has its place!


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