Top Challenges for sole proprietors

#1        Inability to focus on generating new business (35%)

#2        Spreading time across multiple projects/roles (27%)

#3        Limited resources (23%)

#4        Running business more effificiently (23%)

#5        Not having enough time to focus on own passions (23%)

These finds are compliments of a survey taken by Visa of a 1000 people. Seems pretty obvious that Sole Props try to do everything on their own and wind up not doing what they love. My thought is that people need to figure out when to turn to other people for help, know when to let go, and when to trust that someone else can do something better then they can. I have started using my business coach again, Ron Charnock out of Alexandria, VA, and I am grateful to have the support of someone who knows more than I do and who is not emotionally attached to the outcome of my decisions. His perspective allows me to make better, more accurate decisions for my ­long-term success.

Remember, I in this for the long-term….are you?


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