What is Design Worth?

Classic gilt ornaments add unique character

When choosing accessories it’s natural to inspect the price tag.  But if quality and style is just right, we may react less strongly to price.

“What’s it worth?”  That question applies to everything, from a cup of coffee to a diamond ring.  The value we give to  something depends on its market value, but also on how much we appreciate it personally.

When it comes to pricing design services, people on both sides of the design contract have expressed all kinds of reactions to putting a monetary value on design services.  Professionals have their own reasons why they can or can’t set certain pricing.

Some clients find price agreement easy to achieve, and readily pay for services and products as quoted.  And others resist every step of the way.

Confidence plays a big part in the emotions and discussion around pricing.  I’ve observed that professionals who feel more confident have an easier time asking for more money than those that did not. Likewise, clients with more confidence feel more comfortable challenging someone else’s idea of value.

Emotion has influence over price.  Ultimately, all spaces benefit from good design—and all good design has its price!

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