What’s Your Game-Changer Goal?

If there were one big change that would make a significant improvement in your revenues this year, what would it be? The folks at Houzz asked that questions of professionals in the design and renovation industries, and here’s what the majority of interior designers said: bring in larger projects (59%), increase marketing/sales efforts (56%), and increase prices / mark ups / margins by 5% (47%).

Those are all great goals. They reflect the renewed optimism many designers are feeling based on recent forecasts that this will be a good year for the economy as a whole, and even better for the most affluent citizens. So my question to you is, what are you doing now to realize your goal? Have you identified a new market or clientele from whom you expect to land those larger projects? Have you developed a marketing plan and set aside extra marketing dollars in your budget to achieve it? Have you tested the waters to see if your clients will accept a fee increase and developed a communications program for how and when you are going to roll out that increase?

All businesses need goals, but goals without strategies are just good intentions. And we all know what those are worth. So before your year gets really busy, take the time now to develop the strategies, create the budget, do the networking, and engage the creative team that will help you make that goal a reality. If you’re not sure how to get started, where to find those larger projects, or what kind of marketing plan you need, contact me and let’s talk about it. Together we can make this the year you achieve your game-changer goal and possibly more.


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