What’s Your Investment Strategy?

Benefitting from rising home values, many homeowners are taking advantage of the additional equity in their homes to undertake long-delayed repair and remodeling projects. That presents interior designers with new opportunities. You may need to revise your strategy when reaching out to these potential clients, however.

Many consumers, especially those who have never worked with a designer before, regard paying for interior design services as a luxury. They believe they can get the result they want without the added expense of using a professional. To win these skeptics over, help them to see that hiring you is not an extravagant expense. On the contrary, they should view it as an investment in their home, both for today and for tomorrow, and in their quality of life.

A good place to start is by sharing with them the industry information that shows how much certain improvements add to the value of a home at resale. While not all projects will pay for themselves, many still add to the overall value of the house by making it more attractive to buyers by improving its aesthetic, functionality, comfort and convenience. Such homes generally sell for more and sell faster than comparable ones in similar locations.

In addition, create a vision of how their redesigned and updated home will add value to their quality of life. What is it worth to them to spend less time on maintenance and cleaning, to have a healthier environment, to have a home they are proud to showoff to their friends and family, to have a refuge from the stresses of daily life, to wake every morning and feel renewed and rejuvenated by their beautiful, supportive surroundings?

These consumers worry that they will end up spending more for the same result. Demonstrate the ways you can improve upon their own vision for themselves and deliver a design that exceeds their imaginations and expectations. They may be reluctant to expend much on their home, but chances are they are willing to invest in their own well being.


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