When to Say Thanks

How often do you let clients know you appreciate them and their business? I am assuming you give them some type of thank you gift at the end of a project and send them greetings during the holiday season in December. If you want to make them feel special, and stand out from the crowd, consider other occasions where you can get their attention by saying thanks.

A warm “seasons greetings” may be de rigueur but is likely to get lost in the avalanche of cards clients receive each year from family, friends and business associates. A more effective, and unexpected, occasion is Thanksgiving. Send a card or note letting clients know you are grateful for their business and are remembering them on this special day of giving thanks. If they are very good clients, you may want to send along a little something to complement their Thanksgiving meal.

Even more important than standard holidays are personal special occasions, such as birthdays and business anniversaries. These usually have a greater significance, and clients will appreciate that you remembered their special day. And don’t forget the anniversary of the project you did for them. It’s a great opportunity to say thanks and check in to see if they are thinking about any enhancements or a refresh.

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it. Try to keep your touches spaced out over the year as best as possible. It goes without saying that notes should always be hand written and personally signed. Set aside some time on your calendar each month to review your client database and send out notes to appropriate clients for that month. Keep your clients in mind, and they in turn will be more likely to keep you mind when it comes to their next project or a referral.


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