Find Suspense and Interest from a Dilemma

"When you find the dilemma in a project, that's when you know what it's really about," says Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, author of Yes is More. "If there's no conflict, no clash of interests, how are you going to make it interesting?"

While Ingels was talking about tensions like those between community development and historical preservation or providing spaces in public projects for both rich and poor, the concept of a dilemma represents an excellent organizing principle for any kind of subject matter.

A dilemma seeks to reconcile two seemingly incompatible elements. With a dilemma in a headline, you generate suspense. If the opposing forces are those actually giving your potential customers headaches, the reader can't help but go on to see how you resolve the contradiction.

Sample headlines:

Become a Household Name While Preserving a Haven of Privacy

Parents: Yes You CAN Have Disciplined Kids Who Regard You as Their Greatest Friend

Discover the Career Building System That Ensures Both Job Security and Personal Fulfillment

Are Competitors Gaining Market Share Through Social Media Yet You Don't Have Time to Master It?

by Marcia Yudkin, Marketing Expert and Mentor


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