Who’s Minding Your Business?

“Mind your own business” could well be the motto for many small design firms.  Usually, it’s the owner or principal who’s tasked with managing the staff, checking the books and paying the bills.  But if yours is a somewhat bigger to medium-sized firm or larger, you need to entrust the day-to-day management to someone else.  That “someone” needs to be the right someone.  Your firm’s success depends on it.

You can find good administrative staff to answer phones, sort email, process paperwork and keep things in order.  A good office manager is harder to find.  He or she needs to be like the conductor of an orchestra – a bit familiar with everyone’s job, with a clear vision of what the goals are, and what and when each employee needs to contribute.  They make everything hum.

An experienced office manager is part bookkeeper, part project and time manager, part order clerk and vendor relations specialist, and part human resource director.  He or she is your eyes and ears when you are not around.  When you find a good one, they are nearly irreplaceable.

If you’re still with me, I suspect that you are either thinking of hiring an office manager or, perhaps, replacing a less-than-satisfactory current one.  If so, contact us.  We can help you define what roles, duties, abilities and experience you need for your particular firm.  With our extensive industry network, we can then find you the best candidates, pre-screen them, and offer you the cream of the crop to choose from.  You can have full confidence in your choice, and let someone else mind your business for a while.


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