Why I do what I do!

Why do I do what I do? Because people respond to me and make me feel as if I am contributing something to this world. I know this sounds kind of heady in the scheme of things, but it is true. When I think about what my clients, interior designers, do for a living, I am often envious of their ability to influence the way people live. Well, that is what I do as well. The first few times I had someone approach me and say that I had "changed their life", I thought that they were exaggerating and was embarrassed. Now I recognize the power and impact of my words and conviction and am proud that I can influence thousands of people a year.

For the most part, I am working with audiences that are largely comprised of women who do not know how (or don’t feel comfortable) to ask for as much money as they are worth. What is fascinating is that these are generally professionals who are very talented and very good business people, but who also need to be told that it is ok to ask for more than they have in the past and that is does not matter what other people are doing or settle for. I mean, think about it, do you want to emulate the business practices of someone who settles for less or do you want to find a guiding light in your industry and take their lead? Better yet, why not take the lead yourself!

So, in my own way, I make it my business to push other people to take inventory of their abilities and then to gain the most that they can from them. This makes me happy and brings me satisfaction. This is the same satisfaction that I would like others to experience as well!


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