Winning in the Pick Economy

Many years ago my friend and colleague, Sid Goldberg with Kravet, challenged me to create the “pick me” sample book for fabrics. This book would be the one in a design firms library that yelled out “pick me” when a designer walked by. I thought the request humorous at the time and over the years, have considered the situation. I recently read an article in Advertising Age under CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Strategy and have gleaned what I think is an answer for Sid!

•  Pick Aesthetics–“the instant eye candy of a well designed product creates huge appeal”
•  Pick Packaging–unique packaging can make the most mundane object desirable

•  Pick Buzz–spectacle sells, think the $50,000 bed being marketed

•  Pick Green–“save the planet (or at least don’t harm it) and save yourself”=win/win
•  Pick Multiuse–diverse uses add to the logic used to support a purchase after its made

•  Pick Joy–there is nothing better than buying something you know you will love time and again

•  Pick Simple–few selections make for easier decisions for today’s overburdened consumers–you do the research and process of elimination for them

•  Pick downsized–smaller and smarter is in

•  Pick me–you know they are going to choose what they want, so don’t stand in the way, encourage dialogue and be a resource.

So Sid, I would grab the coolest SKU’s in the entire Kravet inventory, put them in outrageously sized book, stark black, huge ribbon to tie it closed (think gift), have it mixed with amazing lifestyle photography from a notable luminary, have it signed, charge $300 for it, keep the number of books limited and make them exclusively available to your top clients!


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