Marketing Interior Design


Discover marketing advice, ideas, and insights specific to your needs and business goals as an interior designer.



Do you want to secure new design projects without compromising your standards or your income?  Why struggle to market your interior design services when you can get specialized advice from a longtime consultant to the Interior Design industry?

In Marketing Interior Design, Lloyd Princeton gives you a clearcut framework for professional integrity and financial success.

Topics include: Creating your quality brand; your portfolio; finding leads and getting business through networking; creating promotional materials; protecting yourself with contracts; pricing your services at full value, and having the confidence to demand that price; leveraging social media, and more.

  • Do you wish you had instant access to solid marketing and PR ideas right at your fingertips?
  • Do you want to apply successful strategies that have been utilized and tested repeatedly without fail?
  • Do you want to feel confident and motivated as you implement them?
  • Discover the industry’s secrets to success in Lloyd Princeton’s inaugural book, now in it’s second edition.

Enjoyable, informative resource for you and your staff.


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