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Increase your profitability and peace of mind. These business and marketing tools are made specifically for design professionals to help you:

  • Streamline project management
  • Minimize potential conflicts on design projects
  • Put marketing ideas at your fingertips
  • Enable greater quality and consistency from everyone on your team
  • Help you negotiate higher fees

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Video Courses for Your Design Business:

Now the valuable experience of attending one of Lloyd Princeton’s live speaking engagements is available to you through his Designer Series Video Downloads. Benefit from Lloyd’s years of experience consulting one-on-one with hundreds, and speaking to thousands of interior designers just like you. Recorded in front of an audience of designers, each presentation has been broken down into succinct, easy to review chapters, so they’ll always be at the ready to educate, motivate and inspire you, when the time comes.


Reigniting the Fire Within You: Purpose and Passion in Design
Today, designers are finding themselves in the same position as most businesses, trudging through the post-2008 economy. Even as conditions improve, clients seem stuck in a recessionary mindset – one in which they expect, even demand, to get more but pay less. In this session you will learn how to enjoy the design business again, manage your time, relationships and resources; reconcile fee structures with work; and develop the right plans (not just social media!) while creating SMART goals.
Digital Download
File size 713.6 MB. Approximate running time 1 hr.

Marketing Interior Design  marketing interior design
In part one of his Master’s Class series, Lloyd lays the groundwork for how to identify and market to your ideal, prospective client. Lloyd explains how to build targeted awareness of your interior design business and services through messaging and brand identity, by creating an effective website and blogging, as well exploiting social media and pay-per-click advertising.
Digital Download
File size 892 MB. Approximate running time 1 hr. and 15 min.

Deciding What You Are Worth and Charging It!  deciding1-cover
Part two of Lloyd Princeton’s Master’s Class focuses on how to interview and bid once you land a prospective client. Lloyd gives you pricing options and ways to formulate your charges in an all-important letter of agreement by exploring various pricing options, including: Design fees, hourly, cost plus, percentages and fixed fees.
Digital Download
File size 504.1 MB. Approximate running time 43 min.

Selling Clients What They Need, Not What They Ask For  selling_clients_cover
Part three, and the final chapter of Lloyd Princeton’s Master’s Class, explores the psychology of the sale and teaches design professionals how to ask the right questions in order to steer their clients towards what they need and will ultimately buy.
Digital Download
File size 316 MB. Approximate running time 27 min.

2-in-1 (“Selling Clients” and “Deciding What You Are Worth”)  deciding-cover
Save $5 and get two-in-one, by purchasing the complete “Deciding What You Are Worth and Charging It!” and “Selling Clients What They Need, Not What They Ask For” all in one.
Digital Download
File size 828.9 MB. Approximate running time 1 hr. and 16 min.

Master’s Class (all 3)  masters-cover
Save $15 or more by purchasing Lloyd’s entire Master’s Class series featuring three of his signature presentations: “Marketing Interior Design,” “Deciding What You Are Worth and Charging It!” and “Selling Clients What They Need, Not What They Ask For.” Through his Master’s Class, Lloyd will teach you how to:

  • Target and market to your ideal prospective clients through enhanced messaging and brand identity
  • Improve your skills when interviewing, and being interviewed by potential clients, and increase the attractiveness of your bids
  • Adapt and apply various types of pricing and design fee options to your projects, including hourly, cost plus, percentages and fixed fees
  • Strategize for the best ways to adapt your design practice to succeed in a marketplace flooded with “do-it-yourself” messages and images
  • Position your brand, package your services and optimize your pricing

Digital Download
File size 1.7 GB. Approximate running time 2 hr. and 27 min.

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