Now is the time to realize more value from your contracts, or reposition your services for clients you want to attract.

I’ve been coaching interior designers, architects and landscape architects since 1999. Our Negotiation and Consulting programs give you new approaches — tailored to your business — to get the most for your services, and develop healthy client relationships.

Find the best ways for you to interview prospects, present your offer and reach agreements that satisfy both you and your clients.  Our interior design business management services include:

Negotiation Services

Realize a higher value for your service that is fair both to the client and you, with DMC Negotiation Services.  Use new knowledge to develop better designer/client relationships, giving you more freedom to focus on design.  Find out more about ways we can help you communicate with clients, create and price your offers and present contracts by leveraging our Negotiation Services.

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DMC Consulting Services help you run all aspects of your design business more easily and effectively – including setting commercial design rates, residential design rates and marketing your design business.

You gain actionable steps to address specific business areas, whether you want to enter new markets, recruit the right staff, gain project referrals, or implement an effective marketing plan.

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We work with you to develop a design business marketing plan with realistic suggestions based on your time, energy and resources to implement them. Use our insights from over 10 years of experience working with hundreds of designers.

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More Specialized Services

Expert Witness Services

Sales and Distribution Management

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Not sure how I can help?

Introductory Consultation

Bring on your biggest question or concern in a focused one-hour consulting session.

We get straight to work on as much of your concerns as we can cover in a dedicated, streamlined hour  consultation.

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